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Convert XPS to WMF


Total PDF Converter is XPS WMF converter that carries out assignments at a stunning speed. For instance, you may set it to convert several hundreds of XPS files to WMF, and it will take minutes for it to do the whole thing.

Apart from speed, this program boasts great versatility and user friendliness. Its interface is laid out in the simplest and most robust fashion imaginable. You don't need to be theorized on how to properly use this program. The only and the best theory and practice you get is what you see when you have launched it. This converter features command line support. This function helps you manage your XPS files without closing whatever program you are currently operating.

Finally, this program integrates into Windows. In order to turn XPS into TIFF from the desktop, you should right-click on an XPS file and select Convert to. The rest of the procedure is described in the following part of this presentation.

How to Convert XPS to WMF in Batch

  • Launch it and select the folder containing XPS files using the folder tree. The files will be aligned in the respective panel. To batch-convert, press the "Check all" button just below the panel. Thus you will tick all the files.
  • If you would like to convert one file, cancel the checking by pressing "Uncheck all" and tick the file using the mouse.
  • Select WMF in the bar above.
  • Specify destination folder, apply referred file name template.
  • Press "Start".

Please note that it is not mandatory that you change the default parameters. For the most part, these are the most appropriate and therefore more advisable for first time users.

When you receive the message suggesting that all your files have been converted, check your selected destination folder and see if they are there.

If you have not purchased this converter yet and would like to know how to convert XPS files, download the 30-day free version and do as described above. Many users decide to buy this tool right after checking this free version!


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Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021

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