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Convert Yahoo Emails to TXT For Easy Archiving & Migration


Our Total Webmail Converter allows users to gather online emails from their Yahoo account and convert them into TXT files. Text documents are the simplest and least hard drive consuming of all types, so they are a reliable method for backing up emails. They are perfect for cleaning out that crowded inbox and creating archives of important emails that don't consume all your space.

Convert Gmail Emails to PDF


  • The Total Webmail Converter walks you through each step of the conversion process from start to finish with its simple wizard. It's easy to complete large jobs with multiple Yahoo emails without the need for complicated procedures.
  • Resulting text files can be placed in the order you decide, in the location of your choosing, with naming conventions that fit your specifications. Categorize your emails according to date, sender, recipient or subject, or allow the wizard to do this for you automatically.
  • The Total Webmail Converter includes command line functionality for advanced users, which allows more precise conversions that run in the background without the need for a GUI. With text output, you can complete dozens of conversions in a few minutes, and hundreds before you come back from your lunch break.

The Total Webmail Converter is available free for a 30-day trial, so you can see how fast it can convert Yahoo emails to TXT without risk. Just $49.90 grants lifetime access to the full version, and free first year upgrades.

Total Webmail Converter leaves attached file in their original file types. For example, when you convert an email with a PDF attached to TXT with our converter, you get the text file and a PDF file. The Total Webmail Converter Pro will convert attachments as well. It makes sense to keep all file unified.

Our support or billing departments are available to answer any questions. At CoolUtils, we take pride in our continued ability to help companies and home users with reliable software.


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Updated Fri, 05 Mar 2021

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