2 Ways How to Open the OLM

What is OLM?
Database file with the extension OLM stores binary data about contacts, emails, calendar data, notes, logs, and information from other applications used by Outlook on Apple computers.

OLM files are only used for Mac Outlook and cannot be opened by the Windows version of Outlook, because the Windows version uses PST-files, not OLM.

How to Open the OLM?
There are 2 ways to open the OLM format in Windows.

First way: you can first convert OLM to PST and then open it. This is a good way if you don’t often use OLM files. However, if you regularly need to view OLM files or you just don’t want to convert them, we recommend using the second way.

This method is to install the appropriate software and open the file. It is simpler and does not require constant conversion of new files.

Free Coolutils OLM Viewer helps you open and view OLM files. Archived e-mail messages, contacts, and other items from Mac Data File can be opened on any Windows computer without Outlook or any email client, just use our free viewer.

  • Add your OLM files and view the data immediately.
  • Simple workflow: import OLM file, preview each item from the list by clicking on it.
  • Print selected email or contact.
  • Convert emails from OLM to EML files.

CoolUtils OLM viewer is free for personal non-commercial use. Download your copy now to get access to the contents of OLM files without MAC.

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