2008 is almost over – what have we done?

First, we wish you happy holidays. Take you time and forget about crisis for few days:)

xmasdiscountFirst, we wish you happy holidays. Take you time and forget about crisis for few days:)

Traditionally we make a short report of what we have done/improved in CoolUtils programs. Let’s start.

In 2008 Total Audio Converter began converting a part of an audio file. It’s very handy when you have a 2-hour sermon or lecture and want to convert a part of it. We fixed lots of bugs and polished the engine.

We added new formats to Total Image Converter. Now it can convert PDD and DNG files. Besides, we improved support of non-standard WMF files.

By your requests we enhanced our TIFF and PDF tools greatly in 2008. For instance, Total PDF Converter converts PDF to HTML and places each page to a separate file. Tiff Pdf Cleaner has a new option – History Journal. It summarizes the jobs and tells you how many pages were deleted. Tiff Combine has advanced sorting options now. Tiff Splitter can enumerate the split pages based on number of files in the destination folder. Tiff Paging now sets delfault extension (tiff or tif ). PDF Combine creates table of contents in the merged PDF file. Many of these new options were described in earlier posts of this blog.

Total Excel Converter supports Excel 2007 (XLSX to Word, PDF, Text or Lotus files). OpenOffice is getting more and more popular and we added OpenOffice support to Total Excel Converter. Now it converts odt, ods, xml, sql, wk2, dbf, tex, dif, slk, xtODT, xtODS, xtXML, xtSQL, xtLotus, xtDBF, xtLaTeX, xtDIFF, xtSYLK files!

Total Mail Converter now converts emails to TIFF.

So if you downloaded your copy several months ago – please redownload. Probably you are missing new handy options! As usual our registered users get all upgrades for free:)

Sure you can get all those handy tools in one bundle. Even with a 20% discount as a little Christmas gift.

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