Convert DOC Or Excel To Encrypted PDF

encrypt pdfA lot of important business information is stored in Microsoft Doc and Excel documents. If you need to protect them from any kind of unauthorized use, copying or editing, converting documents to PDF format is a perfect solution. However, even in PDF it is possible to edit a document with the help of expensive Adobe Acrobat software. So there is a risk that your important data will be used improperly.

To eliminate such risks, CoolUtils released new versions of Total Doc Converter and Total Excel Converter with a new feature – PDF encryption. Now you can not only convert Doc and Excel to PDF format, but also set two level password protection for document users. Moreover, there is an ability to set specific permissions for document users. Thanks to this you can definitely be sure that no unauthorized copying or sharing the document will occur.

Both Total Doc Converter and Total Excel Converter have the same interface, all the features are used similarly. To set a proper protection for your future PDF copies in either of converters, just go to ‘Document’ inlay of settings manager and choose ‘Encryption’. Here you can set separate passwords for the document(s) owner and users. The owner has a whole range of permissions, means he can do everything with the PDF file. At the same time you can set a specific set of action that users can perform to the protected PDF documents. These permissions can include:

• Copy
• Modify
• Print
• Form fill
• Annotation
• Accessibility
• Document Assembly
• High Resolution Print

convert doc to encrypted pdf

To choose the permissions you need you just need to check them off in the list. The items you choose will be permitted to users of all PDF documents you will get after conversion.

The new Total Doc Converter and Total Excel Converter versions with PDF encryption are available for downloading. Get the one for your own needs!

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