5 easy steps to create a great avatar from a photo

Internet gave us a chance to completely hide our identity. You may speak out in numerous forums and nobody will know who you are. But only timid persons like that. Most people prefer to show who they are using avatars – small pictures near the user info. These pictures can be of all possible kinds: from animals to pretty faces of sexy models. And there are some very brave ones use their own photos:)

Do you belong to this small group of those who are not afraid of what they really are? Good, you are with us;) So how to create an avatar from your own photo?

So how do I make this avatar AvatarFromPhoto from this 3Mb photo below?
First, what shall I do: the photo should be of another format (gif intead of jpeg), another size (4kb instead of 3Mb), another picture (face only cropping all the rest beautiful parts of my body) and it should be rotated. I can transform my picture to the avatar with all the changes in one conversion with Total Image Converter!

1. I launch Total Image Converter and select the photo. Then press Convert to GIF.

2. In Wizard I select the destination path and go to Crop step. Here I use rectangle method (press Select option) – just show what I want to leave and do not bother about number of inches the tool should crop from each side.

3. Then I go to Resize step. All I have to do is to type in the width and height (50×60). Remember to check Constrain proportions checkbox to get a nice result;)

4. Ater that I go to Rotate step and select LeftSideTop as my current orientation. The program will rotate my image itself.

5. I can also set transparency and apply some text or logo as a watermark but I will skip these options and go directly to the final step – Finish Conversion. I press Start! button and in ten seconds I get the result:)

As you see the process is quite simple and all the settings are done within one conversion. Most convenient.

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