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safe charsAdam from Energy Insurance Group contacted us last week with an interesting request. They use Total Mail ConverterX to store emails. During the conversion they also give output file new names. Luckily our converter allows taking the elements of the email to create the filename.
However, the company uses SharePoint to store files, which gets pretty particular when it comes to file names.

SharePoint doesn’t allow

Tilde (~)
Number sign (#)
Percent (%)
Ampersand (&)
Asterisk (*)
Braces ({ })
Backslash (\)
Colon (:)
Angle brackets (< >)
Question mark (?)
Slash (/)
Plus sign (+)
Pipe (|)
Quotation mark (“)

Adam sugegsted an option for “Safe Chars” that would remove these characters from a field being used in the filename. So we did! The new Total Mail Converter and Total Mail Converter Pro both have this option. Now users won’t have any problems with converted files in SharePoint.

The new versions are available at:
Total Mail Converter
Total Mail Converter Pro
Total Mail ConverterX

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