Advanced sorting options in Tiff Combine

Thanks to our customers’ requests Tiff Combine has been improved. Now it has advanced sorting options implemented. That means that you combine TIFF files and then set your own shortkeys to the required action. Actions include Copy, Move, and Delete. So you browse the list of TIFF files using TIFF Combine and pressing certain shortkeys apply certain actions. For example you press Alt+1 and the TIFF file is automatically copied to the folder C:\Contracts.

Let’s see how it works.

First, you have to set what shortkey stands for what action. Press Define Action button in the upper right corner:

sort out tiff files

The poup window will show you the list of your current actions. In my case Alt+1 will copy the selected TIFF file to Contracts folder. Shift+D will delete the selected file; and Ctrl+F will move the TIFF file to the folder Faxes.

sort TIFF files by actions

I can set and edit those actions to my needs. To define a new action I press ADD button. The popup windows suggests a few fields:

tiff combine

I set the action I need and press Ok button. That’s it. So easy and saves lots of my time when I need to sort out my combined TIFF files.

Find more info about TIFF Combine features.

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