Archive Emails That Arrived Last Week

outlook filterAgain we have updated Total Outlook Converter by your requests. It turned out that some of our customers use the converter to archive their emails on a regular basis. Some people do it once a week, others once a month. So they all want to filter only specific emails in order to avoid dupes. Say, those that arrived during the last 7 days. The new update of Total Outlook Converter can do the job!

Here is a new Filter tab. Click on this icon and set the filtering parameters. As you see you can also filter emails from certain recipients or senders or subjects. It comes in handy when you deal with hundreds of emails in your Outlook!


Total Outlook Converter can convert emails to PDF, DOC, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, HTML, XHTML. It will also help you to migrate to other cleints, as it supports EML and MBOX as well. The new version is readily availailable on our site. Note that if you purchased your copy less than 12 months ago, this update is free for you.

Should you have any questions or new feature requests, donít hesitate to contact us any time. Here at CoolUtils we love to hear from our clients.

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