Archive Your Personal Emails as PDF Files

To organize and collate your emails, download a Mail2PDF archiver. It allows you to archive Thunderbird and Outlook emails. You can download a single email or the entire inbox, saving them as PDF, TXT, EML or TIFF files for your future reference.

Our email account is full of memories, as well as critical data on our life, which we would prefer to keep safe. In times before the internet, we would write letters to each other, be sent photographs of loved ones by post, and receive bills, invoices and contracts on paper. The use of a letterbox over the inbox allowed us to archive our lives easily. Now, we hope that the internet and energy supplies will remain stable enough for all our critical data to remain secure and accessible. We put faith in the hope that technology will not change so much that our files will become unreadable.

archive personal emails

You may have different ideas about how safe and retrievable such information is when stored in your email. You may wonder how to back up personal emails from Outlook or archive emails from Thunderbird. Here we explore how you can achieve peace of mind with back up copies of your email correspondence.

The right application
Step one in organizing and collating your emails is downloading a Mail2PDF archiver. Such an app allows you to archive Thunderbird and Outlook emails in just a few clicks. You can download a single email or the entire inbox, saving them as PDF, TXT, EML or TIFF files for your future reference.

Mail2PDF Archiver is the right application if you want to archive emails with MSG, EML, PST an MBOX extensions, as well as emails from Outlook and Thunderbird. As the output file is a PDF, TXT or TIFF, you can open the files on any computer without the help of paid software. Therefore, if you are swapping from a mac to a PC or vice versa, you can still take relevant correspondence with you.

With just a few simple steps, you can schedule your email to backup once a week. You do not need to remember to store your email for future use; the app will undertake the task for you to schedule. Better still, if not all email correspondence is essential to you, then you can set parameters. For instance, if you only need a specific period or emails from a particular folder, you can make these choices.

Creating and storing memories
The retrieving and storing of emails as a PDF can have a practical application, with the saving of financial information and contractual information. However, if this is your account, it is more likely that you are looking to archive emails as PDF files that have resonance. They are an account of your history and that of friends and family. Not only can you select the emails you want to archive you can include only the data you need and so make this a clear and clean history.

Without the mess of unnecessary information, you can create a file that you could go on to print and pass on to others. You will have the security of knowing that the words and images will always be available as technology changes.