Improved Slide Show Maker

It’s good to have customers. But it’s great to have responsive customers who help us make CoolUtils tools even better:) This time we have improved Image Box – a handy tool to make amazing slideshows.

OpenOffice formats added to Total Excel Converter

The crisis makes more and more people use free solutions instead of the expensive programs. So tools come in handy. They are almost as much powerful as Microsoft’s solutions but do not cost a penny. No surprise people move to Calc instead of Excel to create spreadsheets.

Total Audio Converter – new interface. Discuss:)

We are currently developing the new interface of Total Audio Converter. And we wanted to discuss with you the first sketches. Many of our users use Windows Explorer. So Total Audio Converter should be more compatible with it. Now it has the feel and look of Explorer file tree and common options. Besides, we wanted • Read More »

2008 is almost over – what have we done?

First, we wish you happy holidays. Take you time and forget about crisis for few days:) Traditionally we make a short report of what we have done/improved in CoolUtils programs. Let’s start. In 2008 Total Audio Converter began converting a part of an audio file. It’s very handy when you have a 2-hour sermon or • Read More »

Outlook emails to TIFF

We often add new features by our customers’ requests. Sometimes people write long emails describing their needs. Sometimes the request is too short. Like this: “Hi, i need msg to tiff, it is possible?”

Delete Numbers From File Names – rename in batch

We got an email several days ago that read: “Hi Olga There is one thing, I think, that could make MultiRenamer an even better program: the abilty to differentiate numbers from letters. Suppose you have different length file names ending in numbers, for example: abc123.mid, gfde13.mid and juroter3.mid. Suppose you have lots of them and • Read More »

New Format – DNG is supported by Total Image Converter

Digital negative format was introduced by Adobe Systems back in 2004. It’s royalty-free RAW image format to store uncompressed images. As it has become quite popular we got lots of requests from our users to include DNG in our list of supported formats.

Rotate Multi-Page TIFF files

NO surprise TIFF files are often multi-page. When you have to convert them to other image formats or rotate you expect the output be also multi-page. Bust most programs do not support multi-page TIFFs. They produce rotated files but 10 one-page TIFFs instead of 1 ten-page file. That’s very frustrating!

History Journal option in Tiff Pdf Cleaner

You set Tiff Pdf Cleaner to process your files and delete blank pages in them. And evidently you do not know exactly how many blank pages there are in your files. If any:) And it’s pleasant to know that you didn’t waste your time and money on a blank page remover program.

Advanced sorting options in Tiff Combine

Thanks to our customers’ requests Tiff Combine has been improved. Now it has advanced sorting options implemented. That means that you combine TIFF files and then set your own shortkeys to the required action. Actions include Copy, Move, and Delete. So you browse the list of TIFF files using TIFF Combine and pressing certain shortkeys • Read More »