DOC to RTF Via Command Line

If you need to convert DOC files into RTF because you can hardly process Word files without Microsoft Office, you should try Total DOC ConverterX. Having been developed by CoolUtils, software development company with extensive experience in design of conversion software, this converter is perfectly suited for professional users who need to convert files on • Read More »

Combine PDF Files With Comfort

Some time ago we introduce a new interface of PDF Combine program. It became more stylish and got a new preview panel. The feedback was terrific: many of our customers liked it. Along with the praises we got some critics. So we improved the preview panel enhancing it with new buttons.

Convert DWG To PS

DWG is a format supported by many CAD packages such as AutoCAD or IntelliCAD. You can often meet the drawings saved in DWG. If you have no special software for viewing them, you can use CAD converter for exporting DWG files to PS format. PS is viewable even in a standard web browser of your • Read More »

Sign PDF Feature for CoolUtils Converters

CoolUtils continues extending the functionality of its file converters, paying more attention on data protection facilities. New Sign PDF feature gives ability to protect documents converted to PDF with the help of digital signature. This novelty is currently offered in converters that support PDF target format, notably Total HTML Converter, Total PDF Converter, Total Doc • Read More »

How To Convert JPEG To BMP

If TIFF format is not so convenient for you than BMP, you can export your TIFF collection of images into BMP format. The most of graphic converters offer converting images one by one, that takes too long if you need to process a hundred or even a few tens of images. It is far more • Read More »

How To Convert Many TIFFs to BMP?

Converting TIFF to BMP is a common task for graphic designers or common users who have problems with format compatibility. If you need to convert many TIFF images to BMP format, it is better to use batch image converter that will save you 95% of time required for this operation. This program optimizes the process • Read More »

Convert PDF Files With Comfort

It may by a challenge to convert PDF files to other file types on a regular basis. You have to pick up the right files, set the best conversion parameters and then check the resulting documents. Though it is no longer a problem with a new version of Total PDF Converter from CoolUtils.

Convert DOC Or Excel To Encrypted PDF

A lot of important business information is stored in Microsoft Doc and Excel documents. If you need to protect them from any kind of unauthorized use, copying or editing, converting documents to PDF format is a perfect solution. However, even in PDF it is possible to edit a document with the help of expensive Adobe • Read More »

GIF Converter

GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is a very old image format introduced by CompuServe in 1987. Regardless of its ‘age’, GIF format is still very popular among computer users as it is supported by virtually all image viewers. For a long time, GIF used to be the preferred format for image animation.

What Is The Best Lossless Codec?

Lossless audio conversion is used when it is important to save maximum of sounding quality, while reducing the file size. Here is a comparison of the most popular lossless audio codecs used today in different audio converters. Test platform characteristics included DualCore Intel Core i3 530 processor with 2933 MHz, 2x2Gb DDR3-1333 RAM and Asus • Read More »