Total Audio Converter – new interface. Discuss:)

TACWe are currently developing the new interface of Total Audio Converter. And we wanted to discuss with you the first sketches.

Many of our users use Windows Explorer. So Total Audio Converter should be more compatible with it. Now it has the feel and look of Explorer file tree and common options. Besides, we wanted to care about iTunes fans. So now you can take the files that you want to convert from iTunes or iPods and later automatically save the newly converted files back to iTunes.
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2008 is almost over – what have we done?

xmasdiscountFirst, we wish you happy holidays. Take you time and forget about crisis for few days:)

Traditionally we make a short report of what we have done/improved in CoolUtils programs. Let’s start.

In 2008 Total Audio Converter began converting a part of an audio file. It’s very handy when you have a 2-hour sermon or lecture and want to convert a part of it. We fixed lots of bugs and polished the engine.
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Delete Numbers From File Names – rename in batch

We got an email several days ago that read:

“Hi Olga

There is one thing, I think, that could make MultiRenamer an even better
program: the abilty to differentiate numbers from letters. Suppose you have
different length file names ending in numbers, for example: abc123.mid,
gfde13.mid and juroter3.mid. Suppose you have lots of them and you want to
remove the numbers, all at the same time. That would be easy if you had a
command that said: delete numbers. That’s it.
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