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CDs are being conquered by digital music mainly mp3 and aac.

CD ripper CDs are being conquered by digital music mainly mp3 and aac. Every gadget is getting smaller and more powerful and CD players look too bulky compared to iPod or any other mp3 player. The world goes digital and there are a number of services to help it in that.

Sure you may rip your CDs yourself to any format you need (lossless WMA or lossy MP3, it’s the output file size that matters). Total Audio Converter has a good built-in CD ripper that allows you to rip CD to WMA, MP3, FLAC, AAC and 7 other formats. The advantage is that you choose the target format, select all the settings and have overall control over the process. And it’s cheap – you pay $19.90 for Total Audio Converter and rip as many CDs as you like. But it’s rather time-taking especially if you have hundreds of CDs and you want all of them to be converted to mp3.

Here is the list of services to save your time.

MusicShifter ( will charge you $0.69 per CD. Output formats can be AAC, MP3 or WMA. It’s an easy way to transfer your 70 CD collection to your iPod. It will take them 4-6 working days to rip your CDs but you may order urgent ripping for additional fee.

Awaken ( converts your CD collection into an organized digital music library with album art. The price is $135 for 100 CDs. Awaken states that any CD is 100% insures its full replacement value.

Riptopia ( is the national service that will convert 100 CDs to MP3 for $99.00. It takes your CDs and return your new digital music library via UPS (along with your original CDs:). Riptopia also offers HD Music Premium Service. It includes highest audio fidelity formats and hand-checked music info. That will cost you $1.69 per CD.

PacificRip ( is located in San Francisco. They charge $1.25 per CD if you order less than 100 CDs. If you have 200+ CDs the price is $0.99 per CD. The process is the same: order-ship-enjoy.

Dmp3 Music ( will convert your CD collection into a digital library for as small as $0.89 per CD. Note that delivery service, pickup service, service call, troubleshooting, iPod loading are not included:(

So it’s up to you to choose the way you will go digital.

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