Comprehensive List of iPod Software, or a few tools to unlock the full potential of your iPod

iPodiPod today is not just a music player. It is an indispensable piece of technology. With its ability to play music and some video, it is has become part of entertaining a person on the go. But if you are still using your iPod as a mere music player then 50% of its potential is lost for you. Here is a comprehensive list of different programs that will help you to unlock the full potential of your iPod.

1. Anapod Explorer – manage your iPod through full Windows Explorer integration under My Computer. The tool has the look and feel of Explorer. So browsing your iPod using Explorer-like folders, right-click menus, and drag and drop saves loads of time and effort. Besides, Anapod allows you to easily transfer music and data to and from your iPod.

2. iGadget is another many-in-one tool to enhance your iPod. It will transfer songs and playlists from your iPod to your computer and/or into iTunes and preserve user ratings, play counts, and last played dates. But that is not all;) iGadget will make your iPod show you the movie showtimes, daily horoscope, weather forecasts, and even gas prices in your area! It’s both Windows and Mac compatible.

3. iTunes Album Artwork Locator by Zelek Software will find a missing album artwork into iTunes. Enjoy your music and the pic.

4. Want to backup photos from your iPod to a Windows based PC with the least effort? Use Tansee iPod Transfer Photo. You can choose a backup file format (such as .BMP or .JPEG) or customize browser style.

5. Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter comes in handy when you want to convert video formats to the ones iPod supports. The resulting iPod movie supports iPod screen so you can use your iPod as a MPEG-4 Player and watch movies on your iPod in full-screen mode.

6. Lost music or photos? Damaged video files and folders? iPod Data Recovery software (what a name!) is helpful to recover and retrieve your lost Mp3 Music, Photo, video, pictures, songs, images, File, Folders and all previously existing Data on your iPod.

7. iPod Photo Slideshow Maker by KeronSoft can archive digital photos into iPod with hundreds of transition effects. Create a beautiful slideshow for your iPod.

8. Hey, you can also study with the help of your iPod. A tool called iPod Flash Cards will help you to create flash cards. Prepare for a test or a business presentation wherever you like. That’s the only way to learn with iPod so far (all the others are mostly for your enjoyment – audio, video:)

9. If you are happy with Emeril’s restaurants download mFinder for your iPod. It will show you addresses, phone numbers, hours, management, attire and parking for all of the restaurants in five different cities.

10. YamiPod is great at helping you to manage your iPod most efficiently. It is a stand alone program, which requires no installation. What does it do? Yamipod can copy mp3 and aac files to and from iPod. It will remove dublicated tracks. It will import playlists. It will find your lost audio files. It will upload news RSS and podcasts to your iPod. YamiPod is translated in 20 languages unlike many others English-only tools.

11. iPod supports just a few audio formats while there are hundreds of files of other formats in the web. Free music downloaded from the web in FLAC, OGG and other formats is not supported by iPods. iPod AudioBook by CoolUtils solves the problem. It creates audio books out of OGG, FLAC, CDA, WMA, and other audio files. The advantage is batch mode and command line support. Besides, it’s very user-friendly and requires no tech skills to handle.

P.S. We know how to use iPods in movie theatres. Why should you? Find here.

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  1. i have chinese ipod. Its software is disrupted. pl guide how to make it work

    CoolUtils: you’d better contact Apple with this question.

  2. Great list. I want to recommend another iPod software called Aniosoft iPod Music Backup. It is the best easily tools for iPod transferring. Auto search new music in iPod and backup it. Only click one button to backup your songs.

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