Convert DOC files and get perfect results

ConvertDoc We all have tons of files to deal with in our everyday office routine. Many of the files are .doc files that need to be converted to other formats for further processing. For example DOC to PDF as PDF is a standard for file exchange today. The problem is that the output is often inaccurate which is inadmissible in modern business.

Wrong paper orientation may be the reason of a poor conversion. If a landscape oriented document to convert to portrait oriented PDF file the right part of the file will be cut. To avoid that you may convert each file setting the right orientation. But what if you have hundreds of doc files and no time to waste?

CoolUtils offers a great solution – new Total Doc Converter 2.2. It easily converts any number of Doc files to PDF or other formats. And no info will be cut due to Autosize option. Total Doc Converter automatically detects the amount of the data and fits it to the page in the best way. No matter what paper orientation your files are – the result will be perfect with Total Doc Converter.


As usual registered users can download the latest version for free:) Do not miss this new handy feature!

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2 comments on “Convert DOC files and get perfect results

  1. edi says:

    it’s ok

  2. pepelucho says:

    It’s so fine!

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