Convert Excel Sheets into One TXT File

xls to txtWhen you need to convert XLS sheets into a text file you easily find hundreds of solutions. But not all of them are worth your time and money. Let’s leave alone the crap programs that do not convert XLS files properly. Some good programs from serious developers are still limited in options you may need.

For example some excel converters do not allow creating a comma delimited file (with .csv). Others create a new txt file for every xls file. What if I want to convert all my Excel sheets to one TXT file?

Then Total Excel Converter is your choice. It is the most powerful solution with flexible settings. It may convert several xls files into just one combined txt file. You may as well select the text delimiter (none, tab, space, csv). All done in few clicks – see the screenshot.


Total Excel Converter converts any number of XLS files to TXT. When you convert several folders it will keep your file in order preserving the original folder structure. The program is good for both advanced users and beginners thanks to the built-in wizard. All the settings are made step-by-step with lots of hints. Advanced users can convert Excel sheets into txt files via command line.

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5 comments on “Convert Excel Sheets into One TXT File

  1. anita sereno says:

    como posso criar um slaid show free para o meu blogger beijos

  2. sobholaghari says:

    need to convert xls to Doc file

    CoolUtils: that can be easily done. Launch Total Excel Converter and select DOC as the target formt in the upper menu.

  3. blury says:

    how to convert chinese char into txt??

  4. Olga says:

    Blury, send your sample files with Chinese chars to [email protected] Our developers will investigate the issue.

  5. Anonymous says:

    after converting excel file into txt, i found there is a “Space” delimiter even i select “None” under TXT delimiter option.


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