Convert HTML Files Without Fit-to-page Option?

fit-to-page in total html converterTotal HTML converter hit 4 million downloads this year so we thought we know what our customers want. We were wrong:) While most users convert HTML files to, say, PDF and use Fit-to-page option, one customer asked how to turn it off. Surprisingly there was no special key to do it via command line.

Our developers rushed to write the new code and the new update is already available from

Please, note that when you turn Fit-to-page option off, the produced files may be somewhat difficult to read. Normally the program automatically resizes the source page to the selected outut size and you get a good copy, no info is lost. But is the fit-to-page option is off, larger source pages will not fit into smaller output files.

Oh, here is the command line parameter: -fitpage:off

The new version of Total HTML Converter is free to teh users who purchased it less than 1 year ago. Older customers can purchase an upgrade with a 70% discount. New customers are welcome to download the free trial copy at

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