Convert Several Files Into One

CombineTIFFsThis is all about combining more than converting. Imagine you have 9 folders with 5 TIFF files in each. You need to combine those TIFF files within folders and get 9 TIFF files as a result. Normally one would combine each folder with some TIFF combining utility. That may take hours if you have 100+ folders with faxes or invoices. CoolUtils offers a far mor convenient solution.

New TIFF Combine automatically combine TIFF files within folders. You just select the 9 folders and get the 9 files:) Great, isn’t it?

Besides, Tiff Combine is smart enough to combine files by common file name. If you combine FAX01.tiff, FAX02.tiff, FAX03.tiff and Com1.tiff, Com2.tiff, Com3.tiff (all in one folder) Tiff Combine will produce 2 combined files: FAX.tiff and COM.tiff.

The same option – combine files – has been implemented into Total CAD Converter and Total Mail Converter as well. So now you may convert files and get them combined in the way you need. All done by CoolUtils programs!

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