Convert txt to rtf or pdf and SET FONTS

DocConverterFonts1Sometimes we have a document in txt format and have to convert it to images (TIFF, JPEG) or RTF for futher processing. Lots of doc converters can do the job. But few can handle fonts as well. And a nice looking PDF or TIFF or RTF will require a certain font size.

The problem is that there are no fonts in txt format. The letters may be displayed larger or smaller depending on the viewer. But when you convert txt to rtf or txt to pdf you often want some particular size of the letters. Most of converters do not allow setting the desired output font size in the output file.

Per users requests we have added that feature to Total Doc Converter. When you convert txt to tiff, jpeg, rtf, pdf, or xls the wizard will sugest you selecting the desired font.


Remember to select a larger paper size when you select a larger font! (Step Paper in the wizard.)

The updated version can be downloaded for free from the home page of Total Doc Converter.

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4 thoughts on “Convert txt to rtf or pdf and SET FONTS”

  1. Um, it’s not working for me. I run the tool and open the file, and the converted file is still in courier new

  2. The presentation style of this blog is very interesting and attractive. Generally the users convert their files to .pdf,.txt,and.html. The RTF Specifies the ANSI, PC-8, Macintosh, and IBM PC character sets. When saving a file in the Rich Text Format, the file is processed by an RTF writer that converts the word processor’s markup to the RTF language.

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  3. This fonts option is a life saver for me! I have tested several converters but no one seems to work with fonts. Thank you!

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