Convert Vector Images to PDF

Vectorize ImageOne must not be a genius to find an image converter to convert a logo to PDF. But if your logo is in vector format a common image converter will not do the job. Well, in fact it will convert the logo but the result will be a flat image. If you use Total Vectorize you get a scalable vector image as an output.

Why should you want to have a scalable image? Scalable image look nice in all sizes. You can make them larger or smaller and they won’t blur or stretch. As company’s logo can be inserted in many PDF documents in many sizes scalable images is the only solution. Do you want a professional logo? Convert it to PDF with Total Vectorize.

Apart from PDF conversion Total Vectorize converts TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP files to WMF, EPS or SVG. It works both via user interface and command line. Registered users get the new version for free (upgrade here). New users are welcome to get a copy at

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    I hope that increasingly number of web masters would consider the fact that there is an ever growing number of users browsing webpages on the mobile.

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