Convert Video To Cell Phone

3gp video converterWant to share your video with your friends via cell phone? Total Movie Converter will help you to convert any video to the file type your cell phone accepts. You do not have to look for settings or read phone’s manuals. Total Movie Converter already knows all the parameters and will suggest you the best values.

Probably all new cell phones and smart phones launched last few years support 3GP video files. To suite mobile phones 3GP has decreased bandwidth and storage. Videos in 3GP format are small in size but have a comparatively good quality. The problem is that 3GP videos are not popular in the web. More often you encounter mpeg or avi videos. To upload them to the cell phone you need a good video converter.

Luckily Total Movie Converter supports 3gp as well as many other video file types. So you select the video files and press 3GP button. That’s it!

The master of the program suggests you the best settings. Advanced users can change any of them as they like. You don’t have to learn all the tech things about video parameters. You enjoy your video on your cell phone in minutes!

Registered users get new Total Movie Converter for free from the site. New users are welcome to get the free trial version and convert video files fast.

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  1. sir.
    I want to convert my video shooting clips to DVD and to see in DVD player, what converter I should use

  2. This piece of software is shocking. Just like every other video converter I’ve tried to use to rotate a video 90 degrees, it speeds up the video by about 20x, rendering it useless. What on earth is that all about?

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