CoolUtils Bundle Part 2

So you bought CoolUtils Pro Bundle and got around 49 useful programs for such a small price. Let’s see what can CoolUtils tools do for you if you like music. How can CoolUtils tools help you in that?

First, you definitely need an audio converter. Today audio tracks can be of dozens of different formats and not all of them are supported by your iPod or other mp3 player. Just get Total Audio Converter do the job. It supports almost all popular audio formats and can convert them to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, CDA, ACC, APE, MPP. Note that Total Audio Converter has a built-in CD ripper. That means that you may rip tracks from CD’s and upload them to your iPod in the neccessary format.

As most of CoolUtils products you do not have to launch TAC to convert your files. Just select the file on your desktop and make right button mouse click. In the popup menu you will see options like Play, Rename, Delete. Choose Convert To.

Second, you may want to create your own CD. Launch CDuke and burn your music to a CD. As easy as copying files to another folder. The interface in two-panel:á open the folder with your audio files in the upper panel and drag&drop the ones you want to burn to the lower panel. Or just press AddAll button if you want all the files to be burnt. Then press WriteCD button and start the process of burning. Note that CDuke has built-in audio player. So you can listen to a track to decide whether to burn it or not. Besides, you can edit tag info of your files. Press MP3 Tag button and edit any field you like (title, artist, album, year, genre) or add your comments.

CopyAudioCD will help you to save the CD that you like most. Just make a copy of it.

We all have folders with hundreds of audio files. And few people have all them in decent order (not me!). To have a full list of song that I have in each folder I use Print Maestro. That unique tool prints out a list of my songs with Artist, Title, Album, Comment tags or BitRate, Sample Rate, Channels, Duration tags. Here is how it looks like:á


Nice and easy. PrintMaestro can also print a folder tree with size information or any other report.

And a little funny tool – MP3EmSee. It announces the title of the song that is going to be played. Try it to make your listening to music even more comfortable!

Note that these tools are a small part of CoolUtils Pro bundle. Apart from music lovers’ tools you will get almost 30 other programs to manage your everyday tasks. The list is here. The more CoolUtils tools – átheámore enjoyableáyour pc life is;)

P.S. Learn what new opportunities will you get with CoolUtils Pro Bundle if you like taking pictures.

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140 thoughts on “CoolUtils Bundle Part 2”

  1. can u help me for converting mobile phone recording files to mp3 file and play it on my pc?

    CoolUtils: sure. You probably have .amr recordings. Launch TAC, select your amr files and press MP3 button from the upper menu. That’s it!

  2. this is software very good, just now i am trying to install after that i will decice when will i do

  3. Es un excelente programa muy f?cil de utilizar y ?til a la vez, este es un gran programa desarrollado para el beneficio de todos los usuarios que lo utilizanů

  4. I just finished downloading your free trial, I’am about to try it out…I will say though, I’ve had difficulty with another program(free) with no results except frustration, however I am a begginner and that could have something to do with it….I like easy, step by step guides, etc. I look forward to being happy.

    P.S. I liked your web page, It was informative and inviting…not secretive and misleading like others I came across.

    Ron J

  5. Very great converter it converts audio files very quick and easy

    Thanks CoolUtils You’re unique!

  6. I tried your trial version, but couldn’t make it work to convert my Audible files (which I have bought – not copied).

    I can play a file inside your software, but when I try to convert it I get a message saying the file can’t be found!

    I do like the look and feel of the software, and the price is very reasonable, but unfortunately I won’t buy as I can’t get past first base

    Tony Wood

    CoolUtils: Sorry to mislead you, Total Audio Converter no longer supports AA files. Audible prohibited us doing that. Had to obey:(

  7. the trail version is a rip off if ur gunna give a trial let us convert the whole song instead of just 2/3 ya kno wat im gunna post a blog on myspace saying never to use this converter unless you make it so it converts te whole song.

    CoolUtils: the trial version is a demo version. You can evaluate the quality of the conversion by 2/3 of the track. We understand that such a limitation may be a bit frustrating. But each time we remove this 2/3 limitation the sales go down. We have to think about profits too to futher develop our tools.

  8. Well thank you for being there – finally when I needed some program that could convert some mpc files that I got some monts ago. Anyway I just tried your freebee version, though I plan to buy your pro version for my main PC. But U were asking if I would wanna get a application/program that could managed in a “UserFriendlyTool” conversion and transmit your audio or video files in/out of your mobile. Yeah I think I would do more of using my SonyErickson mobile for listening to audio or music.

  9. this program is best . I’m happy becuse it help to me very much .
    I can not write english very good . I’m so sorry

  10. I have tried this programme and I find it very useful. In case you add further features, I hope you will send them to me for upgrading

  11. this is a perfect tool forus which i am searching for last 2 months i am very thankful to u ………………………

  12. Hi
    I realy like your softwere because its a very good softwere i have ever seen.And all i say is keep it up.

  13. I’ve not really had a chance to use it yet. I did, however, but TOTAL AUDIO CONVERTER to convert a lot of FLAC files

  14. This program, total audio converter is the best and with bluetooh service is more interesant

  15. Its great! i didnt have to ask my brothers’ help– who wouldnt teach me how to change bitrate using sound forge! shit! this one is much easier… for me, though.. hahaha tnx!

  16. So far, is the best sofware I have used. Is important for me, mantain this program because I?m musiciam.
    Thank you.

    Sorry for my poor English.

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