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SCV converterThe CoolUtils Converters family welcomes a new tool. By aid of our converters you can convert almost all sorts of files ?? audio, image, video, documents, GIS and CAD files. Now you can convert CSV files as well:)

Total CSV Converter has been released this week and already got thousands of downloads. Why is it so popular? There is no other converter in the web to convert CSV files in batch, be so flexible and cost so little.

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Total CSV Converter can convert CSV files to Excel, HTML, Word, PDF, TXT, DBF, XML, and OpenOffice formats. Besides, it can convert CSV to CSV to get rid of some row or column. The program is smart enough to skip certain rows if you do not need them in the output file.

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Total CSV Converter is quite affordable; its price is as low as $29.90 per copy. All upgrades are free to registered users. You can download a trial version before the purchase and test it for free.

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