Delete Numbers From File Names – rename in batch

We got an email several days ago that read:

“Hi Olga

There is one thing, I think, that could make MultiRenamer an even better
program: the abilty to differentiate numbers from letters. Suppose you have
different length file names ending in numbers, for example: abc123.mid,
gfde13.mid and juroter3.mid. Suppose you have lots of them and you want to
remove the numbers, all at the same time. That would be easy if you had a
command that said: delete numbers. That’s it.

We thought there may be more people looking for the tool to batch rename files deleting numbers from filenames. Bad news: MuliRenamer can not do that. Good news: Visual Renamer can do that via script. Even better news: you do not have to create the script yourself, we have written it for you. Copy and paste it into the Script panel of Visual Renamer.

S: String;
i: Integer;
S := File.Name;
for i := Length(S) downto 1 do
if S[i] in [‘0′..’9′] then
S := Copy(S, 1, i – 1)
RenameFile(S + ‘.’ + File.Extension);


Download Visual Renamer here and try. You won’t think of any renaming template that Visual Renamer can not perform.

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