Delete Blank Pages And Add Page Numbers Or Date

add page number to PDFMany offices work with TIFF and PDF files every day. The routine include deleting blank pages from the files as well as enumerating all pages. Most people have to waste a lot of time on that. Luckily the new Tiff Pdf Cleaner does deleting and enumerating of Tiff and PDF files at one go.

Lawyers have to stamp bates to each PDF page. Managers have to add page numbers to their documents. Secretaries have to type in current date to many files. No more manual work!
Tiff Pdf Cleaner does everything for you:

1. Detects and deletes blank pages from your TIFF and PDF files
2. Converts TIFF to PDF and vice versa
3. Keeps blank pages but creates a report how many blank pages are there in your files
4. Adds date to each page
5. Adds page number to each page

delet blank pages pdf

As usual Tiff Pdf Cleaner is free to the registered customers. New users are welcome to download the free evaluation version and buy the key later.

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