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free musicWe all love music. And everybody at least once entered the query download mp3 free into Google. And what? Hours of senseless sites and no mp3 file in your downloads folder. I have run an experiment and tried to find a free download of Tokio Hotel using Google. My experience may help you to avoid some sites and take a closer look at others.

So I searched for Tokio Hotel mp3 free download. The first one to come was
Mm, I see Get Tokio Hotel Schrei button, press it and … listen to an audio ad. Ups.

Then I loved that notice:
We strongly suggest you to delete the audio files you downloaded in 24 hours and buy tokio hotel’s album.

So all you can get is to listen to the song and the quality is not high at all. I failed to download anything. Bad:(

The second site was The layout is awful, each page is overloaded with ads, lots of pop-ups – very annoying. But they have sense of humor too – they show the legal way to download music and the other one;) I tried to use the other one but didn’t succeed. The link brought me to another site, and then to another. That didn’t work. You enter the query and it searches several music sites and offers you the links. Many of them in my case were broken:( I do not like redirects. The new page – new ads – new pop-ups. NO.

I was amused with Top Downloads section. According to it shakera got twice as much hits as shakira:^) This may be helpful. This page helps you to find the song you need but no guarantee. was good enough. I have downloaded the mp3 file! And surprisingly it plays back fine though the quality is not very high –
228 kbps, 44100 Hz, Joint Stereo

Top Downloads section at is also funny. It shows that ancient The Eagles (Hotel California) got 17230 hits and modern Linkin Park (From The Inside) only 3342 hits:)

But then I found www.mp3int.comThe advantage of this site is that it tells you whether the download link is still active or not. I managed to download the same Schrei in better quality – 320 kbps 4410 Hz stereo.

Well I spent 50 minutes to find and download a song for free. But 50 minutes! I feel that ripping CDs and iTunes are not so bad after all;)

P.S. Find out a free source of music for your iPod

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