Find PST Files

find pstTotal Outlook Converter is a great tool to convert Outlook emails. However, if you have dozens of PST files scattered around different folders on your computer, it’s hard to find the necessary one. Joshua from Edocs pointed iy out to us. Once we found a problem we can find a solution, right?

We proudly introduce a new version of Total Outlook Converter that has a Find PST option. Go to the Files in the main upper menu bar and select Find Outlook Files:

find pst on my pc

Total Outlook Converter will automatically scan your computer and find all PST files. After the process is done, you check those PST files that you want to convert. The output formats include DOC (WORD), PDF, HTML, XHTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, EML. The new version is available here. If you purchased Total Outlook Converter less than 12 months ago, this update is free. Older users can upgrade their current versions to the latest one at this page.

We are looking forward to more ideas for new options. Please, email us or just leave a comment. Most new features in CoolUtils converters are introduced by users’ requests:)

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