Fit Large XLS Tables Into Small PDF Pages

As usual, our customers prompted us to renew the converter. So we have added a new option to Total Excel Converter.

excel table into pdfExcel spreadsheets may be several hundreds of rows and columns. If you convert them to PDF, a wide table will be either cut or placed into several PDF pages. Both ways are not good for our users. Surprisingly not many Excel PDF converters are smart enough to fit large spreadsheets into 1 or more pages. We have to admit that our Total Excel Converter used to split wide or long spreadsheets into several files. Not any longer!

As usual, our customers are wiser than the developers. It’s they who pointed out this problem to us. So we have added a new option to Total Excel Converter. It works in several ways:
1. If your table is wide, you can fit it (resize) into 1 page. But you are not limited by 1 page. Some tables should be fit into 2 or 3 pages, so you set the number.
2. If your table has lots of rows, you can resize it by height and fit into 1 (or more) pages.

As usual the new version of Total Excel Converter is free to everyone with a valid maintenance plan. If you purchased the program less than 12 months ago, or already extended your plan, download the latest version right now.