Five Things To Pay Attention To Buying Software Online

There are hundreds of guides like How To Buy A TV that describe all the things people should know buying certain things. We decided to create one for users who purchase software on-line.

1. Make sure the tool can do exactly what you need. If you can’t find the necessary option in the description read Features list. In case you still wonder whether the tool fits your needs, email support team and ask them. Doing that you will also find out how the company treats its customers. Beware buying the tool ‘expecting’ that it will do what you need. You will never get a refund on the basis “I thought it can do it, but it can’t”.

2. Is the tool compatible with your pc? What are the minimal requirements? Does it run on Windows XP/2000/etc.?

3. The price: will you have to pay once? Are the upgrades free? Is the tech support free? Pay attention to these when the tool you want is suspiciously cheap or is offered for free. Everyone wants money and sometimes companies invent weird ways to get them for their products.

4. Awards. Today you shouldn’t pay much attention to them. Thousands of archives offer 5-star awards for free to every submitted program.

5. Trial period: if the manufacturer offers you to try the tool for free that’s the right place to purchase. Often trying the tool is the only way to find out what it is. The ad or description on the site can be great but only after you launch the program and try it out you realize if you need it or not.

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