From RAW to JPEG: converting photographs

As a photographer, you will more than likely choose to shoot in RAW format. It is possible to change your camera to capture JPEG images – but you will lose a lot of the quality along the way. A RAW file is significantly larger than a JPEG file, as there is so much detail within the image. This is due to the subtlety of light and depth you can capture. Have the original file to work with in your editing software allows you more opportunity for creating a truly stunning image.

The dilemma
Although most would argue that the difference between the RAW image and the JPEG image captured by a camera is minimal, those who want the pure clarity of an image say there is. The additional data allows you to capture the highlights and shadows – and the more information you can pull in, the more you have to work with when editing.

However, the truth is that most of the people you need to share the image with will not have the capacity to open RAW files. You cannot expect the layperson to have access to Lightroom or Photoshop, or similar. So, if you are issuing images to clients, publishing on a website or blog post, on social media or seeking to email the picture – you are going to have to convert from RAW to JPEG.

The solution
It is possible to have the best of both worlds. It is best to take RAW photos to JPEG with the use of the right online converter. An app like Total Image Converter can allow you to maintain the RAW image but also create a JPEG image to use for all other purposes. You can also take your edited RAW image and convert this to JPEG too.

It is possible that even when in JPEG format, having converted from RAW to JPEG, your file is too large for the internet. Websites popularity is as much about speed as it is about content. You will be pushed to the bottom of search engines if your site is slow. Total Image Converter can take your edited JPEG and turn this into a TIF, PNG, or many other file types that will reduce the size below 5mb.

The summary
If you are a professional photographer or an amateur hoping to get your work noticed, you are going to want to shoot in RAW files. There is no doubting that the more data you get, the more you have to work with. However, if you want the wider public to see and appreciate your work you are going to have to convert RAW files to JPEG and then maybe even to smaller file types like PNG. Total Image Converter will help you to use the image in multiple contexts while maintaining the necessary quality.

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