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gif converterGIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is a very old image format introduced by CompuServe in 1987. Regardless of its ‘age’, GIF format is still very popular among computer users as it is supported by virtually all image viewers. For a long time, GIF used to be the preferred format for image animation.

However, time goes and users’ preferences change. Now, other formats are oftentimes used for image animation because of the following disadvantages of GIF:

??? it is not very well suited to handling images that have color schemes in the millions, which makes it almost impossible to accurately reproduce photographs with GIF;
??? GIF uses lossless compression algorithm, which results in large file sizes;
??? GIF lacks programmable interactivity, which makes IT specialists choose other web animation options.

The best way to avoid problems associated with usage of GIF files is convert them to more up-to-date image formats. To do so, consider downloading Total Image Converter. Having been developed by CoolUtils, this image converter is more functional than any GIF converter available online.

Here is a short list of reasons why you should get Total Image Converter instead of other conversion software:

1. It can convert GIF in batch. This means that with the help of batch image converter you can process hundreds of photographs at a time. You will never again have to convert each image individually! Simply select all files you need to convert, choose the target format and watch them being converted.

2. It support almost all major image formats. You will not have to search the web for a converter that supports rare formats like ICO, PCX or DNG. Total Image Converter can handle it all!

3. It allows for editing of images. You can not only crop, rotate and resize images, but also add watermarks to protect files from unauthorized use. Watermarking can also be applied to images in batch!

4. It is very affordable. You don??t need to purchase the program at once.

Take advantage of the free trial version offered by CoolUtils. Use Total Image Converter for 30 days at no charge to decide whether it is exactly what you need. Download Total Image Converter now!

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