How Do I Use My CoolUtils Pro Bundle, or what’s the point of getting 37 tools

Are you thinking over the hot offer? CoolUtils Pro bundle seem to be a good thing but will you use all those programs?

Are you thinking over the hot offer? CoolUtils Pro bundle seem to be a good thing but will you use all those programs? We asked our customers who purchased CoolUtils Pro bundle some time ago to analyze if it was a good deal. Here is one of the replies we got:

“I bought CoolUtils Pro bundle a year ago. Up to this time I can state that it is worth its money though there are still programs that I haven’t tried yet. I mostly use 8 of them.

First, I convert all kinds of music and rip CDs with Total Audio Converter. That is absolutely fantasic! Very easy-to-use and very powerful. I like my TAC.

Total Audio Tags is a good add-on to my audio converter. I am not crazy about music collections but Total Audio Tags helps me a lot. The advantage is that I can edit tag info inseveral files at once. Besides, I use it as a renamer and get the tracks with names like Title-Author-Album. That’s very convenient!

Total Image Converter solves the problem of converting images. I resize big photos to upload to the site, convert to other formats when needed and add watermarks. This watermarking feature was a life saver to me – now I add the date and some comments to the pics I have.

All kinds of on-line books and manuals are usually in pdf format. PDF Splitter, PDF Combine and TiffTeller help me a lot. Now I can split the book into separate pages and combine them in the way I need. Total PDF Printer is indispensable to print folders of pdf files.

Once I used Total Movie Converter to convert mpeg to avi. Since then I have had no need to convert video files.

And I often use Visual Renamer in my job as I have to work with hundreds of files. Visul Renamer allows me rename them in most weird ways. No other tool can do that!

So I admit that there are still a lot of utilitites that I do not use. But I am pretty sure that I will use them in future. Besides, if I had bought all those programs that I use separately I would have paid more than I paid for the CoolUtils Pro bundle. And what I like most about CoolUtils tools – they all have well-thought interface. Very easy-to-use and straightforward. Thank you and keep up the good work over there!”

So it’s up to you to decide if you should buy CoolUtils Pro bundle or not right now.