How do you spend your free time in the run up to the holidays?

Free time? What’s that? Modern technology is supposed to save us time but lots of it takes ages to learn, so where’s the time saving in that? CoolUtils believes technology should be easy to use – for everyone! If your boss gave you two hours to convert a pdf to html just get our Total PDF Converter and do the job in 5 minutes! So what can you do with the remaining 115 minutes? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

Sleeping in
Ever woken up in the morning with the vague feeling that you have overslept? Now you can snooze on for at least an hour before you’re officially late for work  

Festive food is much more than brussel sprouts and Christmas pudding. This year take some time to cook something that YOU like:

Enjoying some culture
Was the last time you went to a museum or art exhibition when you were on a school trip? Did you spend the whole time in the art gallery saying “I can do that!” The good news is that now you can. Who needs to be able to paint to create modern art? With a digital camera and our software you could create your own masterpieces within 115 mins! Just be ready for people being rude about your work!


Why not explore somewhere near to home that you haven’t been to yet and mix in a bit of Christmas shopping at the same time? If you want to stretch your 115 minutes out you could travel further afield. Just don’t overdo the shopping:)

For the ultimate in relaxation you could also send your partner away and enjoy the peace and quiet!
No, we’re not talking computer games. Why not expand your mind a bit with some traditional board games. Classics that have been played over the holidays for hundreds of years

Hanging out with friends
Remember those people who always seem to turn up on your birthday and help you get drunk? They’re not just for birthdays, they are for Christmas too. You just need to find the time to fit them in. Why not arrange a night out clubbing? There could be a hip venue just down the road that you’ve missed:


Sitting on a muddy riverbank in silence is the best way to relax and think about your daily problems. You may even find a way of convincing your partner why the huge salmon you’re planning to buy from the fishmonger was in a little stream that only just had enough water to cool your cans of beer down.    

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