How to Archive Emails in Outlook as PDF to Save Space

Mail2PDF Archiver save the emails as PDF which can be stored on your computer. No need to worry about a cloud or how to open the emails once you have archived them.

There are lots of reasons to archive personal emails, including saving space in your mailbox and on your computer. If you are thinking about using a personal email archiver called Mail2PDF Archiver, there are essential questions to ask.

Does archiving email in Outlook save space? – for instance.

You also need to know how to archive emails in Outlook to save space if you do make this choice.

Where does outlook save archived emails? How can you view archived emails once stored?

We will attempt to answer these questions and more, to guide you to the best resources for archiving emails.

Does archiving emails save space?
Your email inbox will have a limited space measured in MB or GB, depending on your plan. It is possible for large attachments and a flood of highly visual emails to eat into this allocation. Therefore, finding a way to save your emails outside your inbox will save space and free up your account.

The Mail2PDF Archiver will save the emails as PDF which can be stored on your computer or on an external drive. There is no need to worry about a cloud or about how you will open the emails once you have archived them. It is possible that .pst files will stop opening as Outlook upgrades itself, or if you move to a different email provider. There is no such worry when you archive using a Coolutils email archiver, as there are no complicated proprietary formats – just PDF that will continue open on most computers.

How to archive emails to save space
To archive emails to save space couldn’t be easier. Download Mail2PDF Archiver. You can then choose to archive single emails or the whole inbox. With a few simple clicks to communicate your preferences – which emails and where you want the downloaded PDF stored – and the job is complete.

The great news about using a program like Total Mail Converter Pro is that it will also convert the attachments and will embed these as a part of your final PDF – covering some 20 possible formats from DOC to PPT and more. This will make a potentially time-consuming job of freeing up space in your inbox quick and painless. You get to choose where you save the PDF file, so there is no chance of you losing essential emails in the archiving process.

Another reason for archiving emails from Outlook
Now you know the answer to the question: does archiving Outlook emails save space? You can turn to other reasons for archiving. You could want to keep precious emails from family members safe; you could want to keep a record of bills in a single place; you could want to make a monthly clear out of your emails a habit, to manage your workflow, and more. All of these are sensible reasons for using a personal email archive, which ultimately could improve your access to essential documents.