How To Choose The Best Video Converter?

video converterAs of today, many of us are strong on the quality of video and audio materials stored on our PCs. This has long been a problem, because high quality vids are too large for online transfer, and it is hardly possible to compress a file without detriment to the quality. Besides, it is not always easy to find a versatile and fast-working video converter.

So, you have a lot of videos on your PC you would like to convert to other formats, but you do not know which converter to choose. Here is a brief guide on what makes a good converter that will help you make a correct decision. The choice depends on:

1. The number of formats and devices supported
2. Speed of work
3. Ease of use
4. Price
5. Personal likes and dislikes

Most converters available today support only one or just a few formats. Therefore, we are often faced with the need of purchasing several programs to tailor our videos to suit different systems and devices. High quality converters support all basic formats, which include AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG and FLV. New generation video converters also incorporate video-to-device features and therefore can convert videos to PSP, iPhone, Zune, Creative Zen Vision, iPod, Apple TV, Archos, Xbox, and many other popular devices.

Speed of work is one more thing that is highly appreciated by users. Best quality video converters feature batch function, by aid of which hundreds of files can be converted in less than a few seconds. If you would like to convert all the files in a folder, this can be done with just one click of a button.

All best quality converters have intuitive interfaces. This should save you a lot of brain-racking. Good converters put everything right before your eyes. You can see all your folders and files you are going to manage. Menus and buttons are readily visible upon the interface, and it takes seconds for even a novice user to understand how to handle it. Some converters feature built-in players. You preview files in both the source format and the target format. Some converters, when downloaded and installed, integrate with your OS seamlessly, so that you can manage your files right from the desktop and via command line!

High quality converters combine lots of functions and modes that will get your money??s worth in less than no time! For example, Total Movie Converter costs about as much as the many less versatile converters. This all-in-one video converter will do the job of ten at about the same price!

Some people get so much used to old software that they don??t even care to know about the progress. Personal likes and dislikes can be pretty much of a hindrance. It is advisable to keep pace with the time and use only advanced conversion tools. This will save you a lot of time, energy and money!

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