Making Her Happy With Less Effort

The problem with the digital age is that has so many options that they scare people. When it comes to romance, there are so many options that it’s far easier to see the computer as something that steals the soul from romance rather than explore its possibilities. So, rather than look at its cold, silicon heart, let’s see if we can’t find something a bit…warmer.

making her happy

The big difference between men and women is that guys like things that they can touch (statues, watches, and other potential clutter), whereas women like items that provide a visual memory. Besides being easier to deal with, they are easier to bring out and create conversations about. They can also provide a way to see just how their family and friends have changed over the years. Because of this factor, anything that involves photos will be a natural gift for the woman in your life.

You can start nice and easy: Put all of her favorite pictures, as well as some of your own, into a single folder on her computer. You then have two options: slide show or screen saver Just point the screen saver at the folder, and the screen saver can randomly throw out the pictures, one at a time. You may find that she lets her screen saver go into effect just so that she can see some picture she may have forgotten about it. The slide show can be as simple or as complicated as you want. The best thing you can do is to create a slide show with some romantic music and a simple interface; you would be surprised how much effect a simple program can have! Here is how to do that.

Galleries are another nice thing to do. Take all of the fun and romantic pictures of her and you, and compile the best ones; no more than a hundred or more (enough so that there is a definite variety, but not too many that it can get boring at looking at them). It’s okay to do a series, maybe even as many as four or five, where you combine 10-15 pictures of the same basic pose, but try to keep the majority unique as possible. She’ll love it, if for no other reason than that she can send her friends the URL and they can talk about it while looking at the same gallery at the same time without having to be in the same room.

And if that’s fun, create a website just for the two of you. It’s not that hard to program you’re own site, especially if you take advantage of a site that allows you to build a site based on a few pictures a few lines of text. It can take a few hours, and requires a good idea of what you want, but the only thing that you need is a few hours. If you really want to impress her, spend a few dollars for a domain name; it won’t cost much, and if you combine it with a gallery, she’ll have it become a popular site in no time, as she spreads it among her friends, or just checks in on it from time to time.

Of course, don’t forget the tangibles. You can order flowers online, but don’t stop there. You can create T-shirts, lingerie, and even teddy bears online. All you need is a little creativity, a graphics program of some sort, and a little time, and you can design an entire wardrobe, then throw in a few accessories, like personally designed totes, and she’ll love you if not what you create. Impressing her isn’t that hard; just have fun doing it and she may be impressed with your creativity!

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