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mp3-to-iPod Never thought that one day the problem of converting MP3 to iPod will arise. But it did.

Why should one convert mp3 to iPod? Any iPod supports audio files in MP3 format anyway. That’s right for music. But when you come up to audio books the situation is different. You can upload an audio book in mp3 format to your iPod but it will go to the Tracks section not to AudioBooks. The problem is that iPod does not recognize mp3 files as audio books.

Sure we have developed a solution at CoolUtils. New iPod AudioBook converts mp3 files to iPod audio books’ format (mp4). What’s important it’s very user-friendly. Built-in wizard helps the beginners make all the settings. So even a newbie can convert mp3 audio book to the “proper iPod audio book” in few clicks. The interface is similar to other CoolUtils programs, so if you have one you know them all.

iPod AudioBook is available is a trial download (expires in 30 days). Buying the key you unlock the program and convert your audio books without any limitations.

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7 thoughts on “MP3 to iPod”

  1. Ipod audiobook converter. The resulting files do not show up in music…..more…audiobooks on my ipod touch. They are able to be selected in the ipod sync area in itunes but don’t appear in my ipod unless I use an app specialising in audiobooks. Why doesn’t it appear in the default ipod audiobook area?

  2. Probably, the problem is not with the file name. It may be in some unsupported audio format. So your iPod just does not recognize it as an audio file and skips it. Try to convert it to mp3 and see if it gets noticed by iPod:)

  3. I have iPodAudiobook & love it, but what do you rename the files so the iPod will play them in order.? My iPod skips a file each time. I have tried renaming the files in iTunes but it is hit or miss. Any suggestions??

  4. Total Audio Converter already does this, and because of it’s ride range, I would just buy TAC right off the bat to save hassle. It’s awsome.

  5. Is there a way to add chapters to the audiobook file as you create it. ie at each track you’re combning into the audiobook?

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