Music IP Mixer – when your music library is too big and you are too lazy

No, MusicIP Mixer is not an organizer. It analyzes the songs on your pc and creates palylists for you. Certainly there are people who have all songs in perfect order soted by albums, artists, genre and what not. When these people want to listen to music they always know what exact song they want right now. If you are one of them F7 button is all you need.

As for me, all my songs are randomly placed in different folders, not sorted by any criteria and what is most terrible I am too lazy to create playlists for every mood (I have lots of moods and never know what I would like to listent to next time). MusicIP Mixer does the job for me. I click a song I feel like to hear and the tool creates a playlist for me based on its previous analysis of my music library. There are two advantages of the tool for me (and people like me): first, it saves my time creating a playlist for me. Second, it includes the songs that I have already forgotten about in the playlist and I have the chance to listen to all the songs available from my pc, not only those that I remember about. It’s kind of random choice but all the songs in the playlist have something in common.

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