New Option In Total CAD Converter

We always ask our customers what other options they need in our converters. In this article we will share with our new option in Total CAD Converter.

crop cad filesWe always ask our customers what other options they need in our converters. This week we got an email from Raymond Sbrusch:
“I wish the tool would crop white space around the image. For example, some of the images were converted into JPG dimensions of 20000×2500 pixels. The actual floor plan was only 2500×2500 pixels. The rest of the image was just blank. I had to run the images through Photoshop’s crop and straighten tool to complete the conversion. Thanks for asking!”

We thought that Crop option could be useful to many people and in a few days implemented it to Total CAD Converter. Now when you convert cad files to JPEG you may crop the final images as you like:
cad converter

Note that there is a handy visual way of cropping the image. Press Select button and select the area you want to crop.

The new version is available as a free download to the registered users who purchased Total CAD Converter less than 1 year ago or have extended their maintenance plan lately. Get your copy at Total CAD Converter

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  1. Thansk for asking! But we can’t provide you with a solution, our programs do mot convert JPEG images into DXF drawings.

  2. Dear
    I am CAD user my requirement is .jpg to .dxf file [ I take a picture and after that convert by .dxf file and want to open as a pattern file so give me solution.

    waiting for reply


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