New Search Option in Total Outlook Converter Pro

find emailOne of our customers asked for a new option in Total Outlook Converter Pro. “Is it possible, to filter the Emails in the mask, where all Emails are listed, whre they need to be checkmarked. Like a filter-search in Outlook, so I can make a search for specific Emails in Totalt Outlook converter, in which will only be shown the filter result for converting? So that I doní have to go through all the list of all Emails per Postbox?”

We though it makes sense and are happy to introduce a new release of Total Outlook Converter Pro with a search option:
outlook converter pro search option

So now if you have thousands of emails in the inbox, you can find the one easily! The new version is free to everybody who purchased Total Outlook Converter Pro less than 1 year ago. Download your copy at the home page. New customers are welcome to get the full license at

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