New Total Image Converter

new total image converterWe have released a new version of Total Image Converter. Whatís new? First, we have redesigned the interface. No, not like Win8:) We kept the old look with a bit of new touches.

total image converter

Then we added some input formats:

WebP Ė a new image format from Google. Itís actively promoted so chances are high you will encounter images of this type in the nearest future.
ICNs Ė Macís file type for icons. Windows icons are supported as well.
DiCom – this is mostly used for storing medical images.

Also, we have received some complains about the speed of Total Image Converter. The developers have twisted the code and the new version processes RAW photos faster.

By usersí requests we have added Print option Ė now you can print your images right from the app.

As usual itís free to all registered users. Get your new copy right now

Do not uninstall the old version, the new one will use its key.

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