New XML Converter Released

xml converterThe new converter is at your disposal! Let me introduce Total XML Converter, which is designed to increase the usability of your XML files by converting them to the format your project requires: CSV, JSON, PDF.

XML file usually carries information about product or application, but doesn’t display it or meets difficulties to transfer it into another format. That is why conversion of a file format will be a good idea in such situation. The great thing is that Total XML Converter supports conversion in batch. You can convert dozens of files in one go.

If your files are kept in folders – never mind. Total XML Converter keeps the folder’s structure. It is possible also format your XML files so they could be read by a human or on the contrary – unreadable for human, but clear for computer. As usual we made the software which is easy to use. It is up to you to choose whether to use command line or graphic interface to make the settings and control the process of conversion.

Just try how easy it is – download the free trial-version or buy the license version and have on hand the constant possibility to increase the editability and usability of your XML files.

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