No Internet Access Converting Emails

email converterBy numerous requests we have added a new option to Total Mail Converter. Now you can forbid the program to follow image links. To know the advantages of this option please read further.

Too often we get emails with images. Sometimes images are attached and sometimes they are just links to the web. The latter ones are dangerous: the program accesses some unknown site to get the image and god knows what else it can get as well. Besides, it takes some time for the images to be loaded. To avoid that and save your time use the new option in Total Mail Converter.

mail converter

When checking the fields remember to check Do not access internet for images option. So when converting your emails to PDF, TXT, Word or other formats the program will not follow image links. Registered user upgrades for free.

Download Total Mail Converter to convert .msg to pdf, word, txt, html.

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