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OGG-to-iPodThe iPod is the most popular brand of portable media players today. But it is limited to few formats only – MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF. Since many music tracks are coming in the OGG format today because of the better quality, music lovers with iPods are becoming a little frustrated.

OGG provides far better sound quality. However, there is something that is preventing OGG from becoming very popular it does not have its own player, so has to rely on others. The iPod is the most popular player, but it does not support OGG. So, music lovers who want OGG files, have to convert OGG to iPod first.

When we say convert OGG to iPod we mean convert ogg files to the format iPod supports. One can convert to MP3 or M4B. If you have music your choice is MP3. If you have an audio book in OGG format then you should convert it to M4B. If you convert an OGG audio book to MP3 you still will be able to transfer it to your iPod, but it will go to Tracks rather than Audio Books section.

CoolUtils offers solutions for both cases. Total Audio Converter is the most user-friendly tool to convert OGG music to iPod. You select the file and press Convert to MP3 button. The wizard of the program guides you though the settings and suggest the best values when you are at a loss.

iPod AudioBook is a perfect solution to convert OGG to iPod. You select the file (or files) and press Make Audio Book button. That’s it! In few minutes you get the new audio book that is ready to be transferred to iPod.

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  1. I really see or hear for that matter any difference in ogg vs mp3, and ogg (if in lossless mode) is just as large as a compressed wav or flac (now supported through hacks in video ipods and iphones)

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