Old Menu Bar Is Back

total image converter coolutilsSometimes old programs are better than new ones (I wish Windows learnt this lesson!). We introduced a new Total Image Converter some time ago. Here, at CoolUtils, we thought you will like it. However, we got a ton of emails asking for an old program back!

We got curious and ask additional questions. We found out that most of our existing users got accustomed to the short cut menu. It allowed them to quickly access some options like resizing, cropping or emailing.

coolutils total image converter

Normally developers do not like to go back to previous versions. So we had a fight and voila the old menu bar in the new Total Image Converter! As usual its a free upgrade to all existing customers. Just download the new version and it will automatically get registered with your old key.

If you have more ideas or concerns, you are most welcome to contact us!

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