OpenOffice formats added to Total Excel Converter

spreadsheetConverterThe crisis makes more and more people use free solutions instead of the expensive programs. So tools come in handy. They are almost as much powerful as Microsoft’s solutions but do not cost a penny. No surprise people move to Calc instead of Excel to create spreadsheets.

So we got numerous requests to add ODS and ODT formats into the list of formats Total Excel Converter supports. It took us some time but now you welcome a new Total Excel Converter. It can convert ODT and ODS files to and from other spreadsheets. But we also added more formats like .xml, .sql, .wk2, .dbf, .tex, .dif, .slk. So Total Excel Converter is a unique all-in-one spreadsheet converter. You may download the new version here (registered user get it for free, do not uninstall the old one).

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