Other Uses for iPods, or farewell to the times when iPod was just a good audio player:)

iPods have added more capabilities; not only can they handle audio, a number of them can handle video and images as well. Because of these added capabilities, a lot of people are creating a lot of content for iPods in preference to other content.

Obviously online video is changing. In a way, iPods have frozen the technology, as the videos are essentially perfect as they are for iPod purposes. The screen size is great for the small screens, and the low memory size allows a number of them to be downloaded into the device. And this applies to more than just the funny stuff; obviously you can download all the usual parodies, satires, and just funny clips, but it also means that you can have anime music videos, personal movies, and even episodes of some television programs available for play anytime. Grandmothers can share videos of their cutest and dearest, allowing them yet more ways to annoy and embarrass their children and grandchildren.

Other Uses of iPod

At the same time, enterprising teachers can tape their lessons, and then convert these lessons either to mini-movies or keep just the audio. A number of schools already encourage their teachers to do an audio track for their classes in order to help handicapped students; this is just a logical evolution to that. Given the ease with which anyone can create video, and the helpfulness, some teachers have already taken advantage of the new technology.

Even grandmothers have learned to love the iPod. As it’s easy to load anything unto an iPod, it’s easy to load a large number of images unto the iPod. The only thing to remember here is to convert the pictures to the image formats iPod supports (JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG). Unfortunately for the rest of us, this means that grandmothers can load a summer’s worth of pictures for the debatable pleasure of those around her. Throw in a few videos of the grandkids, and you have a veritable threat of portability.

Of course, the grandkids are even worse. Besides the obvious musical threat, kids can share viral videos with each other, as well as pictures of what they’ve done. A camera phone can be used to take a picture, which can then be uploaded into iPod, and that can lead to entirely new levels of boasting; it’s one thing to say you did something, and definitely something entirely different to have the proof to back it up. Better yet, throw in a bit of video, and you have something that can be tell its own story.

If your looking at it in terms of providing entertainment, a number of sites have started providing a different form of older entertainment: comic strips. As comic strips are basically images, you can easily download comic strips for either later viewing or sharing them with friends. This adds a little more profitability to webcomics (like comics, but limited to the web), which can now leave the internet and go out in the world. By providing webcomics a new avenue, the artists can take advantage of their strengths (being edgier, less limited by the normal funnies rules, and aren’t limited by genre).

The iPod is an interesting piece of technology. It’s going to be interesting to see where they end up going!

P.S. Find out the benefits of an iPod in a movie theatre;)

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