MP3 to iPod

Never thought that one day the problem of converting MP3 to iPod will arise. But it did. Why should one convert mp3 to iPod? Any iPod supports audio files in MP3 format anyway. That’s right for music. But when you come up to audio books the situation is different.

Combine Files & Create Table of Contents

We often have to combine TIFF files into one multi-page TIFF or PDF file. After the files are combined it is important to have a list of bookmarks to easily see what files were combined. Besides, bookmarks make the navigation within the multi-page file much faster.

Increase Volume In Video Files

A common problem of video files is the volume. The DVD that was not ripped properly often is too silent. What if video converters were able to increase the volume of video file while conversion? That would be great! And that is already real;)

Excel To CSV with Quotes – Possible!

“Hi, I like the excel converter tool, but our project requires the csv files to have all fields enclosed in quotes. Is there anyway I can get the tool to enclose all csv field in quotes? Thanks so much for your help!”

Convert DOC files and get perfect results

We all have tons of files to deal with in our everyday office routine. Many of the files are .doc files that need to be converted to other formats for further processing. For example DOC to PDF as PDF is a standard for file exchange today. The problem is that the output is often inaccurate • Read More »

We Give Away $5000!

We present $10 to each 100th order of Total Audio Converter. The gang is growing! We already have the 1st winner, but he is slow to get his money. Ok, not everybody checks emails every day;)

QPEL Is Not Supported

Bad day, hard work and finally you are on your sofa with your favorite beer ready to relax with a new movie. You inject the disc and .. Oops! QPEL IS NOT SUPPORTED message spoils the evening! Very frustrating, isn’t it?

YouTube Video Into Audio Right From The Desktop

Many of our users appreciated the new option of converting YouTube videos by Total Audio Converter. But they asked for a further enhancement of this feature. Ok, here you go:)

Convert txt to rtf or pdf and SET FONTS

Sometimes we have a document in txt format and have to convert it to images (TIFF, JPEG) or RTF for futher processing. Lots of doc converters can do the job. But few can handle fonts as well. And a nice looking PDF or TIFF or RTF will require a certain font size.

New TAC Converts Music Directly From YouTube

Great news! We have released the new version of Total Audio Converter (still in old interface) that is capable to download and convert music from youTube directly.