How Do I Use My CoolUtils Pro Bundle, or what’s the point of getting 37 tools

Are you thinking over the hot offer? CoolUtils Pro bundle seem to be a good thing but will you use all those programs? We asked our customers who purchased CoolUtils Pro bundle some time ago to analyze if it was a good deal. Here is one of the replies we got:

“I bought CoolUtils Pro bundle a year ago. Up to this time I can state that it is worth its money though there are still programs that I haven’t tried yet. I mostly use 8 of them.

First, I convert all kinds of music and rip CDs with Total Audio Converter. That is absolutely fantasic! Very easy-to-use and very powerful. I like my TAC.

Total Audio Tags is a good add-on to my audio converter. I am not crazy about music collections but Total Audio Tags helps me a lot. The advantage is that I can edit tag info inseveral files at once. Besides, I use it as a renamer and get the tracks with names like Title-Author-Album. That’s very convenient!
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The Importance of TV Themes

Nostalgia can be a powerful force. We are always looking for momentos of our past, ways to see where we have been so that we can see how well we have done, or how we have forgotten what was once important. Ironically, one of those ways in which we make the most important decisions is based on the silliest of all things: TV Theme songs.

tvthemesThe theme of most TV shows is considered the least important part of the show; after all, once you decide on it, produce a short version for the beginning credits and an instrumental version for the end credits, as well as a long version for possible radio play, and a quick instrumental-only version for segues, the theme no longer matters. Worse, few shows are popular based solely on the theme; we watch for the characters, the actors, or even because we relate to the show.
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Converters As Translators

Language is a fascinating creature. Somewhere, it was recognized that certain groups did certain things better than others, and so the language of the experts came to dominate that trade: Portuguese for sailing, German for the sciences, and English for trade. Eventually, if you were interested in those areas, you spoke the appropriate language. It was more than just a good career move; it enabled you to conduct negotiations, limit your dependence on others, and you basically can pursue options that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

However, eventually everyone became as good as they were, so mastering those languages didn’t matter as much. As more nations expanded their navies and colonies, they became just as good. In short, languages that once provided the lingua franca of their areas were relegated to just another voice in the crowd as the country they represented faded in significance, and being a translator became an in-demand job.

Today, we are facing the same problem on an electronic level. As a company rose to prominence in a specific field, it was able to define which audio format that field used for its day-to-day business. Until that happened, those in the field used whatever audio format they wanted for their programs, creating a certain degree of chaos until some company became big enough to establish a specific format for the industry (like MP3). Open-source OGG is not as popular as it used to be and tody you have to convert OGG to MP3 to listen to it. At the same time, it’s possible for someone new to the field to knock down an established format by showing that it’s the superior format and establishing itself as a leader in the industry.
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Comprehensive List of iPod Software, or a few tools to unlock the full potential of your iPod

iPodiPod today is not just a music player. It is an indispensable piece of technology. With its ability to play music and some video, it is has become part of entertaining a person on the go. But if you are still using your iPod as a mere music player then 50% of its potential is lost for you. Here is a comprehensive list of different programs that will help you to unlock the full potential of your iPod.

1. Anapod Explorer – manage your iPod through full Windows Explorer integration under My Computer. The tool has the look and feel of Explorer. So browsing your iPod using Explorer-like folders, right-click menus, and drag and drop saves loads of time and effort. Besides, Anapod allows you to easily transfer music and data to and from your iPod.

2. iGadget is another many-in-one tool to enhance your iPod. It will transfer songs and playlists from your iPod to your computer and/or into iTunes and preserve user ratings, play counts, and last played dates. But that is not all;) iGadget will make your iPod show you the movie showtimes, daily horoscope, weather forecasts, and even gas prices in your area! It’s both Windows and Mac compatible.
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Video Game Music

Almost every hobby has its retro period, where things that were popular become popular again. Video games from the beginning of the history of video games have become popular again, especially as they are easily portable to hand-held and are fun even on the most advanced monitors. (Of course, there is the irony value of playing something that’s basically ancient on modern technology…)

It’s not that hard to find the tracks; in fact, some companies even put out their own CDs and tracks. Also, a number of would-be musicians have found ways to grab the music, and then burn to CDs or post it online on discussion forums or private websites. You can find the background sounds and music for just any game if you look hard enough, and the number of gaming companies that have gone belly-up without selling off the rights to bigger companies has been an advantage (no one bothers going after copyright infringement, and some of the bigger companies actually encourage as a form of marketing).

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Top 5 mp3 Converters

An MP3 converter is a piece of software that takes your audio files that may not be in MP3 format and converts them to MP3. There are a lot of reasons someone may need this but, these days, one of the big reasons is to allow people to download the music CDs they own to their portable MP3 player. There are many different file formats for audio files but for people looking to download their music to their MP3 player the most popular conversion is from WMA (windows audio) to MP3. Most of the good MP3 converters out there can make this conversion and for some of the less expensive ones this is the only conversion they do. Many manufacturers offer you a free trial prior to purchasing so you get a chance to test out their software prior to buying it. That being said here is a list of 5 MP3 converters that you should really consider when you are in the market for an MP3 converter.
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Weird Places to find Music

Music can be found anywhere. It’s something that’s intrinsic to humanity, and important enough that it’s been a defining point of almost every culture on Earth. From the drumbeat that kept the slaves rowing to the techno that keeps the rave going, music is as much a part of us as our very heartbeat.


Music can be found in the weirdest places. The weirdest places are online, where music has been stuck in personal profiles, hidden on web pages, and even categorized into some interesting topics.
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Music and Movies: Fun Soundtracks

Movies can be great fun to go to, even when the movie is bad. If it’s great, the discussion can go on for hours, especially if you try to figure out any of the stunts. If it’s bad, there will be discussions, usually centered on why the person who picked the movie this time won’t be picking it next time.


But we tend to remember the music from movies, and track it down. There are services to help us track down music, and we use them in order to find the music that we heard in the movies that we just saw. It can mean a trip to the local music store, visiting a website looking for the download, or going to a movie site to find out more about the music. In that vein, here are some fun soundtracks to track down!
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Sneaking Music Into The Movies, or how to use iPods in movie theaters

Part of having an iPod is the need to use it. And use it in any situation possible. One of the most interesting places that you can use an iPod is in a movie theater.

Obviously there are a number of issues with using an iPod in a movie theater. You need to play it at a volume low enough that only you can hear, and not your neighbors; if a cell phone is rude, then how rude would a music-player be? You also need to be aware that some theaters do not like to see their patrons with electronics of any kind; the fear of bootleggers runs too deep.

Why would you want to bring an iPod into a movie theater? Most common situations are:

1. The most obvious reason is so that you can survive a bad movie, one that is so bad that you know that you lose brain cells just walking in, but nonetheless need to see either for class.

2. When your friends have picked the movie and have dragged you along.

3. You may also be a serious movie geek, and so have downloaded trailers and images from the movie to share with friends, as well as podcasts about the movie, or related to it, and want to bring them so you can share them with friends.

4. You may just want the vicarious feeling of doing something naughty, or want a back-up plan in case the movie is annoying.

5. You could have chosen a bad movie on purpose in order to take advantage of the air conditioning, and need something to keep your mind off the movie.
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Other Uses for iPods, or farewell to the times when iPod was just a good audio player:)

iPods have added more capabilities; not only can they handle audio, a number of them can handle video and images as well. Because of these added capabilities, a lot of people are creating a lot of content for iPods in preference to other content.

Obviously online video is changing. In a way, iPods have frozen the technology, as the videos are essentially perfect as they are for iPod purposes. The screen size is great for the small screens, and the low memory size allows a number of them to be downloaded into the device. And this applies to more than just the funny stuff; obviously you can download all the usual parodies, satires, and just funny clips, but it also means that you can have anime music videos, personal movies, and even episodes of some television programs available for play anytime. Grandmothers can share videos of their cutest and dearest, allowing them yet more ways to annoy and embarrass their children and grandchildren.

Other Uses of iPod
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